I feel like the romance genre is the red headed step child of reading. There. I’ve said it. I’ve asked people what genre is their favorite and get responses like, “Anything, but romance.” That’s great and all, but have you seen those proud romance fans? They are some of the most devoted fans in the world. I mean, they are super devoted. I love that. I love that you love what you love.

Some of my first chapter books were romance. I’ve evolved to enjoy a lot more, but I’ve devoured many romances in my day. I am still a fan of some of those writers as well. Romances are what I like to use as palate cleansers after a serious, dark, or disturbing reading.

Romance writers like Colleen Hoover are really talented with words. Colleen is a particular favorite of mine simply because she writes very well and tells stories with a quirk or a twist. Her Slammed series introduced me to spoken word and slam poetry, and I’ll be forever thankful for that. She has deep, flawed characters that really speak to me. I draw the line at the erotic romance section, though. I’ve tried it, found it not to my taste, but if it’s yours, then let your flag fly.

I got a lot of weird looks when I brought my mom’s Danielle Steel books to read during quiet time in fifth grade. One of my teachers even sent me to the library to find something more “age appropriate.” Honestly, when it came to intimate scenes, they were not as graphic as what could be seen on T.V. at the time. Books like Zoya were set in countries that intrigued me and gave me insight into remarkable places. The Born In Series by Nora Roberts solidified my desire to see Ireland before I die. You have to remember, this was back when the internet wasn’t always at our fingertips.

I am not the biggest romance reader just because I am not a super romantic person. Gift wise, I usually feel silly if I get jewelry or things like that. My husband knows the most romantic thing to get me is a Barnes and Noble gift card or something useful. Romance has one of the biggest followings of all the genres. I get that. Love stories are mostly happy and leave you feeling happy after they end. So, my serious reading, romance-hating friends (including me), be kind to those who enjoy romance. Keep the comments and jokes to yourself, and let folks do what they do. The reading world will be better for it. Read on, y’all!