About Me

As strange as it sounds, I was reading before I could read. When I was a toddler, my favorite thing was to be read to. I had a well worn copy of The Poky Little Puppy. I recruited people to read it to me so many times that I had each page memorized and could recite it or “read it” to other people.

My love of words and all that they are has been life long. I have an appreciation of everything they are. Writing helps me understand just what it is that they can become. As a teenager, I had notebooks upon notebooks of journals, thoughts, and poetry. It was my own way of courting my husband. I wrote him countless letters while we were dating; sometimes multiple letters a day. I was on the school newspaper in high school and was given “Kacie’s Korner” (named by Mrs. Jaynes, our teacher) which was the student written poetry section of the paper.

Nearly all of my adult life, I’ve been a closeted writer. I’ve written for myself and for a few select projects for friends. With this blog, I am hoping to change that.


Professional Reader