England: Rallying, Not Reeling

On Saturday, England faced yet another terrorist attack. I followed along with the rest of the world on the news as well as on Twitter. My heart hurt for those who would be facing the loss of loved ones, those injured, and those who lost their lives. All the news outlets seemed to be putting a repetitive spin on things. The usual horror, sadness, and shock were noted by nearly all news sources. I noticed that Brits took a particular insult to something the New York Times stated. Their headline said that England was left reeling in light of the bombing in Manchester and attack in London. Brits took to cyberspace to let people know how they actually felt. They posted photos of people going about their lives and holding their own.

Among those speaking out about the NYT’s statement about the ‘reeling’ country was the lovely J.K. Rowling. All these people wanted the world to know that while England may be shaken, it is not backing down. This struck a cord with me. They are people of such strong constitution and were making a point that they have weathered worse before. The people of the UK intend to show reverence to what has happened and pick up and go about their daily lives.  To prove that they will not be held down, not be terrorized, and will show that no matter what, they are not defeated. Refusing to cower in the face of terrorism speaks volumes. It sends a message to those behind the attacks that while the battle may have gone in their favor, the war is not yet over.

At a vigil held for the victims, London’s mayor had strong words of encouragement for the people of his city.

“Our city is filled with great sorrow and anger tonight but also great resolve. … This is our city. These are our values and this is our way of life. London will never be broken by terrorism. … We will defeat the terrorists.” – Sadiq Khan

Dictionary.com has the meaning listed for reeling as “to lose one’s balance and stagger or lurch violently.” It seems to me that in spite of the horror and tragedy that has taken place in England the last few weeks, England is not reeling. On the contrary, I think they are rallying around one another and have both feet firmly planted.

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