What’s in a Name?

Being that it was the first thing people would see with my blog, the name was one of my major concerns during the planning process. I thought on it, tried not to think about it, and over thought it. I drove myself crazier than normal along with everyone else in my house. I have to say that they took it like champs. All the sighing and scribbling would have tested anyone’s tolerance.

I wrote down things about ink, about quills, and all manner of reading and writing paraphernalia. My brain was turning to mush. I commented to a writer friend that I was struggling with a name. She told me not to overthink it. I got a good chuckle when I read her response. She doesn’t yet know this about me, but overthinking is second nature to me. I overthink and second guess like its my job.

My husband and childhood friend came up with several things. They tried to play on my Southern heritage with names involving magnolia and kudzu. I was looking for something me, something original that I could grow into. I was simply going in a different direction. After I came up empty, we all agreed that I should sleep on it.

I took my dilemma to two women who have very different personalities that I respect very much. One is a technical minded powerhouse and a strong business woman. The other is incredibly creative with a flair for business design and branding. I am a person who loves a good brainstorm with intelligent people. Ideas bounce all over the place peppered with interesting debates and makes for an electric environment. I expected nothing less with these two.

After a little research and a lot of great ideas, my creative friend had a “mic drop” moment. She basically looked me in the face in her direct way and said that this blog will be me so it should carry my name. I’d never thought of myself as a brand, but upon more thought, I realized she was right. The posts will be my words, my thoughts, an outlet of myself. This blog is my baby. A blog by any other name would not reflect me as well as one that bears my name.

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