An Introduction

I thought for a time on what my first blog should be written about.  No matter how many directions I took myself, I always came back to the  foundation of reading and writing. Words are that foundation. They can be placed together to create something beautiful. That’s what I’ve  always loved about them. You can take a scattered group of words and  bring your thoughts together, get a point across, or teach someone about  anything. You can explain what can be understood about the universe  using words, or at least you can if you’re Neil Degrasse Tyson. Each thing that exists is given at least one word to describe it. Take  yourself for instance, there are so many words someone could use to  describe you.

Words are my passion, both the reading of them  and stringing them together as I write. I consider myself a no genre reader. I read articles all the time about all manner of subjects. I read books, fiction and nonfiction, about people, things, and places I’d  like to see. Because of books and reading, I have a well traveled heart  and mind without having well traveled feet. I’d like to remedy that one  day, but as for the now, I’ll settle for books.

As  far as writing goes, it has been my secret pleasure. I’m not as  consistent as I should be, but I love it still. I honestly write more in  my head than I do on paper or in type. This is something I need to  change. This is something I want to change. I am a writer. I write about the things I don’t have the constitution to do. I  want to be an image conjurer. I want to breathe life into dead stories.  I want to open long closed doors and let the light in. Words, writing,  books, they do this like nothing else.